About ExpressWP

When you’re passionate about something, you live and breath it. For me, WordPress is a passion. My name is Brent Randall and I am the owner of ExpressWP. I live in Tennessee with my wife and two children and I work full-time as a WordPress developer and consultant.

For years, I’ve based the bulk of my websites on the WordPress platform. It’s a powerful, flexible and infinitely extendable platform that now powers around 30% of the web. That’s an impressive number. But you’ve heard the one where the guy says something about great power and great responsibility…you know the one; and with WordPress, the principle is the same.

ExpressWP was created to help users navigate through WordPress. Most people who use WordPress aren’t even aware of the pitfalls that come along with the most flexible platform on the web. And most people don’t have the time to worry about it. That’s where I come in.

For years, I’ve built my own websites and countless others around the WordPress platform. I’ve studied, tested and broken WordPress in every way imaginable, all in a quest to make WordPress better for both me and my clients. It is a daily mission of mine to keep up with the latest in WordPress optimization, SEO, security and anything else related to working with WordPress.

You’ll find a large amount of information for free on ExpressWP. The growing knowledgebase on using WordPress itself, along with reviews of plugins, themes and other WordPress resources with optimization in mind. But you’ll also find a full featured WordPress support and management service offering so you can spend less time messing with your website, and more time growing your business. After all, that’s why you have a website in the first place, right?